Technomedia Launches PeopleVision

Technomedia, a Cegid Company, Launches PeopleVision

PeopleVision Provides an Intuitive Way for HR Professionals and Managers to Leverage their Talent Data and Empower their People

NEW YORK, NY and MONTREAL, QC—October 24th, 2016 - Technomedia, a subsidiary of the Cegid Group, and leader in SaaS-based solutions for People Management, announced the launch of PeopleVision, a next generation solution for Human Resources (HR). An aggregator for disparate and multi-source HR data, PeopleVision provides innovative and user-friendly HR data visualization. The predictive analytics capabilities of PeopleVision provides HR professionals and managers with new ways to proactively manage their workforce.

Natively multi-device and SaaS-based, PeopleVision provides current and future views of an organization by aggregating data from different systems to serve the needs of all stakeholders. The solution is also designed to integrate seamlessly into an organization’s global information system as an HR management tool. 

Innovation at the heart of HR transformation

“The digitization of information in the HR technology domain is having a significant impact on the way companies are managing and engaging with their workforce,” explains Patrick Bertrand, Managing Director of Cegid. “With PeopleVision, organizations can reinvent their approach to effective talent management by using intuitive new technology.” 

PeopleVision is a simple, intuitive and innovative platform that allows employees to have immediate access to information including pay, attendance, vacation time, training programs and performance reviews that was previously difficult to access in a secure way. The solution provides a centralized hub of HR information to serve executive leadership, management and employees.

PeopleVision enables:

  • HR data collection and visualization.
  • Information sharing between employees or with external parties in a simplified way.
  • Better exploitation of HR data (internal or external) for a 360° vision of the company’s human resources information and programs.
  • An intelligent use of individual and collective data, providing considerable time savings for organizations.
  • Visualization of a career mapped as a dynamic calendar, and a multi-criteria notification service that informs HR managers of data to monitor and cases to prioritize. HR managers are then well-positioned to analyze employee needs including training, compensation, and more in complete detail and therefore offer personalized HR services.
  • Connection to a wide array of tools to make the most of collaborative work and social media as PeopleVision makes it possible to create an interactive network of collaborators and view HR processes on a tablet or smartphone.
  • Predictive analytics through the analysis of big data, meaning HR managers can analyze many risk factors such as absenteeism, and resignations.

PeopleVision, a lever to improve corporate performance

PeopleVision redefines the relationship between employees and HR. It also helps organizations improve the management of human resources by focusing on the individual. Organizations will have a comprehensive solution for managing people that covers every aspect including recruitment, integration, performance, development, and compensation.

“PeopleVision represents the next chapter in the digital transformation of HR that will profoundly improve the relationship between HR managers and employees. Our aim is to help evolve the HR technology domain by providing innovative, efficient and intuitive people management solutions,” says Alain Latry, Technomedia CEO.

PeopleVision is currently in use by several Technomedia customers including BPCE, France’s second largest bank, who has recently won the Cercle SIRH’s Digital HR award for its PeopleVision implementation.