Technomedia's Web applications integrate ten HR processes for all areas of the talent management lifecycle. The technological architecture of our applications is designed to scale to meet the needs of any size organization and is particularly suited towards large organizations with complex needs. Our standards based Web architecture supports hundreds of clients across the globe and can be deployed in SaaS and on-premise configurations. The overall application architecture is based on a standard n-tier structure and provides robust interfaces for both inbound and outbound data exchange. 

The application delivery network is designed to provide the maximum redundancy of all production systems. Additionally our solutions are based upon a virtual server architecture that enables both horizontal and vertical scaling with no downtime and well in advance of any performance bottlenecks.   Each module of the application suite is designed to be accessed over any standard Web browser with an Internet connection. The following represent he supported standards and protocols supported by our solutions:

  •  Client Web browsers: Google Chrome, Apple® (Safari), Microsoft® (Internet Explorer), Mozilla® (Mozilla Firefox).
  • Authentication and identification mechanisms: LDAP(S), Single Sign-On, Web services, Multifactor authentication.
  • Connections with external systems: HTTP(S) and WSDL/SOAP, (S)FTP, FTP/SSL, LDAP(S), JDBC/ODBC, SMB, SMTP).
  • e-Learning: support for international AICC and SCORM 2004 standards.

To guarantee optimal performance of its products, Technomedia provides real-time monitoring of application processing and pages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Monitoring results are summarized daily and compiled in reports to ensure continuous and accurate status knowledge of the entire system.

Our network administrators employ an integrated suite of monitoring tools to:

  • Track the use of our products in real-time
  • Maintain a consolidated base of relevant information regarding product usage
  • Maintain optimal product performance