Technomedia provides a secure and flexible integration model for your existing infrastructure including payroll, HRIS, ERP and other related support systems. Our experience in providing integrations between our solutions and third party or other on-premise systems ensures that we’ll help you choose the right approach and technology for each integration and that we can help fill any gaps in data quality and needed business rules support.

The following provides an illustration of inbound and outbound data interfaces:

Integrations generally fall within one of two categories:

  • Initial Loading: This is conducted only once, during the system start-up at the beginning of a project, and includes the migration of certain information (customer data sets, data history, etc.). No specific data flows (protocols, operating rules, etc.) need to be defined since this loading is conducted on a one-time basis.
  • Data Interfaces (inbound and/or outbound): These are information exchanges with customer administrative systems (for example, payroll) in real or delayed time (with a defined exchange frequency) which update our systems with information from customer applications and/or vice versa.