In compliance with the strictest international standards, Technomedia has obtained ISO 27001 certification for its overall security system.  The ISO 27001 standard is established in accordance with one hundred specific requirements across three main categories:

  • Confidentiality: Which assesses the private nature of information whose access and distribution is limited to authorized persons only.
  •  Integrity of information: Which assesses the protection of the accuracy and integrity of information and processing methods, traceability and the ability to establish operational linkages, from the original transaction to its final impact.
  • Availability: Which gauges the system's ability to carry out its functions without interruption, delays or degradation whenever required.

To protect network information and the infrastructure that supports it, Technomedia constantly monitors and protects all transactions on its network.

To ensure the security of network information, Technomedia's network administrators guarantee the systematic application of all measures used to prevent unauthorized access.

Multiple control areas ensure protection of resources and reduce the risks associated with the Internet. In accordance with the ISO 27001 standard, and diligently respecting recognized industry practices.