Job Seeker or Applicant? The Critical Difference for Federal Contractors

Featuring Maureen Bradley, Compliance Administrator

Portnoy, Messinger, Pearl & Associates, Inc. 

Access the recording here.

This webinar will explore the critical difference that every Human Resources Professional, Recruiter, and Hiring Manager must know! 

The difference between who is a job seeker and who is an applicant is an area where the OFCCP continues to achieve larger settlements as it still remains very confusing to many employers. Understanding the difference, controlling the numbers and being able to defend the reason for rejection are critical for federal, state and city contractors and subcontractors. 

This webinar can assist in understanding: 

• When a job seeker becomes an applicant 

• Why it's important to control the numbers 

• Best practices to defend the non-selection of applicants 

• Job descriptions and the new OFCCP audit letter requirements 

Access the recording here.