Retail & Hospitality

Shopping for a Better Way to Manage your Talent?
Successful retail and hospitality operations require having the best talent in place to manage associates and meet customer expectations. With locations around the country or around the world, recruiting hourly personnel in high volume, meeting diverse hiring needs, identifying top performers and establishing and maintaining consistent hiring practices are challenging. Competition is fierce, making it more important than ever for retail and hospitality organizations to have the right talent at the right cost available to meet consumer demand and provide an outstanding customer experience. 
Technomedia provides an integrated suite of talent management solutions for all aspects of the Talent Lifecycle. Technomedia also offers outsourcing services for your new store/facility openings, ensuring you’re staffed and ready when entering a new market.
Whether you’re opening a new location or need deeper insight into the succession risks and opportunities in your talent population, Technomedia offers a flexible solution for both hourly and salaried positions. Our talent management platform also offers advanced functionality to support learning and development needs to advance employee skills, identify up and coming leaders and increase retention of top performers.